Backlit Print

Backlit Print

Backlit Print

Department stores, tradeshows, your favorite fast food joint and even on the #4 train; semi transparent prints illuminated by lighting behind it can be found everywhere.

These are known as backlit prints, backlit signage or backlit displays. Some are also known as digital duratran and digital duraclear.

Backlit displays can be printed from a professional large inkjet printer onto pressure-sensitive adhesive vinyl or from a Durst Lambda onto duratran or duraclear photographic material.

The adhesive vinyl backlit print is optimal for outdoor signage use.

Duratran and duraclear prints should be protected by plexiglass mounting, preferably sandwiched mounting. You’ll find these on display in your local Macy’s and Bloomingdale.

Please call or email us for pricing for vinyl adhesive backlit displays.

Pricing for Duratrans and Duraclear can be found on out Digital C-Print page.

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