C-41 and Black & White Lab Services

Color Resource Center, now Vista + CRC Imaging Group, has serviced New York City Photographers for almost 20 years, providing professional film processing and custom prints, with an attention to detail and a high standard for color.

We know time is of the essence, especially in the faced paced Photography industry, but to guarantee the highest standards of processing, we refuse to take short cuts. Though we offer mini lab services, every roll of film is processed by a Refrema dip and dunk machine.

Film Processing and Standard Printing:

We are well known in the industry for our exhibition prints. Our work can be found in galleries and museums, every print handcrafted by our expert printers specifically to the artist’s vision. Prints are hand enlarged, cropped, color corrected, burned and dodge as required. Problem negative? Our exhibition and reproduction services can go a long way to saving and preserving your initial vision.

Gallery & Museum Quality Prints:

E6 Processing

We offer the highest grade of dip & dunk E6 processing with the ability to make color corrections during processing (NOT a color dye applied after processing).


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